Morgan Stanley Global Stock Plan Services Launches StockPlan Connect | Morgan Stanley (2024)

Morgan Stanley Global Stock Plan Services Launches StockPlan Connect | Morgan Stanley (2024)


Morgan Stanley Global Stock Plan Services Launches StockPlan Connect | Morgan Stanley? ›

Morgan Stanley announced today that its Global Stock Plan Services (GSPS) group recently launched a new online stock plan portal, StockPlan Connect, which will enable 1.5 million participants in over 150 countries to manage their equity compensation plans with ease.

What is Morgan Stanley StockPlan connect? ›

StockPlan Connect or Shareworks is your virtual equity hub. It offers a streamlined experience for viewing, tracking, and managing your equity awards online.

How do I contact Morgan Stanley StockPlan connect? ›

If you have questions about opening your self-directed brokerage account, you can call the StockPlan Connect Customer Service Center at 800-367-4777 and a representative can assist you with placing your exercise or answer questions about your awards.

What is Morgan Stanley Access Direct Stock Plan? ›

Morgan Stanley Access Direct is a self-directed online brokerage account for U.S. residents where trading and other account activities are undertaken at the client's sole discretion without access to a Financial Advisor.

What is the Morgan Stanley employee stock purchase program? ›

WHAT IS AN ESPP? shares of your company's stock through payroll deductions, sometimes at a dis- counted price. Once you have enrolled in the plan, your company will collect your payroll contributions to purchase shares on a specific date. The shares are then deposited to an account at Morgan Stanley.

How does stock connect work? ›

Stock Connect is a Mutual Market Access programme through which investors in the Mainland China and Hong Kong can trade and settle shares listed on the other market via the stock exchanges and clearing houses in their home market.

What is a stock plan services account? ›

A stock plan is a benefit that companies provide to grant their employees the ability to receive or purchase shares of company stock as part of employee compensation.

Is Morgan Stanley owned by J.P. Morgan? ›

JPMorgan Chase does not own Morgan Stanley, although its origins have a lot to do with that firm. After the Glass-Steagall Act, which required the separation of commercial and investment banking, a couple of partners from J.P. Morgan (including J.P. Morgan's grandson) founded Morgan Stanley in 1935.

Who owns Morgan Stanley? ›

Morgan Stanley is mainly owned by institutional investors, who own around 60% of shares. The largest shareholders in December 2023 were: Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (23.06%) State Street Corporation (6.97%)

Is Morgan Stanley prestigious? ›

6. Morgan Stanley. A giant on Wall Street and one of the world's most respected investment banks, Morgan Stanley is ranked as the second most prestigious bank by Vault.

Is Morgan Stanley or Fidelity better? ›

Both companies are highly regarded. Fidelity is consistently rated among the top online brokers; it often occupies the top spot. In 2023, 35 of the financial advisors on the Barron's Top 100 list came from Morgan Stanley.

How much money do you need to be with Morgan Stanley? ›

Investment Minimum. Morgan Stanley has a minimum account requirement of $250,000 or higher and charges fees on a sliding scale.

Who owns the shares in Morgan Stanley? ›

According to the latest TipRanks data, approximately 49.68% of the company's stock is held by institutional investors, 10.78% is held by insiders, and 18.33% is held by retail investors.

How do I cash out my employee stock purchase plan? ›

How does a withdrawal work in an ESPP? With most employee stock purchase plans, you can withdraw from your plan at any time before the purchase. Withdrawals are made on or through a representative. However, you should refer to your plan documents to determine your plan's rules governing withdrawals.

Are employee stock purchase plans a good investment? ›

If your company offers one, why should you invest in an ESPP? Since you are acquiring stock, that would otherwise not be available, at a discounted price it is generally a good idea to participate. ESPPs offer an easy, cost-efficient way to pursue a disciplined savings plan.

What is the IRS limit for ESPP? ›

IRS $25,000 Rule:

Company allows contributions up to limit of $25,000 per year. ESPP offers a 15% discount with a lookback.

How do I activate my Morgan Stanley at work stock plan account? ›

NOTE: You can activate your Morgan Stanley at Work stock plan account by using your company's single sign-on or clicking on the activation link sent to your company email address, if available.

How much does Morgan Stanley charge to sell stocks? ›

$25 per/transaction. Fee charged by Morgan Stanley on sells of all exchange traded products for the cost of processing trade transactions.

How much do I need to invest with Morgan Stanley? ›

You may select from our comprehensive suite of managed account programs, which are designed for various levels of investment experience and sophistication, with asset minimums that start as low as $5,000.

Is Morgan Stanley good to invest with? ›

FACTS: 97% of our clients say they are satisfied with the firm, and 98% are satisfied with how their Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor handles questions and requests (Morgan Stanley Client Council Survey, Q2 2021).

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