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In Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, Silph Co. is the main base of Team Rocket and Giovanni. It’s also where you can find the Master Ball.

There will be a lot of tough battles inside, including Rocket Grunts, Scientists, your Rival, and Giovanni himself.

In this guide, I’m going to explain the most optimal route to take for clearing Silph Co., as well as which battles you’re likely to encounter as you make your way to Giovanni.

Party Considerations

Silph Co. is full of Team Rocket Grunts and scientists, and their favorite Pokémon include Weezings, Raticates, Arboks, and Magnemites.

It would be a good idea to bring Pokémon that can counter these types, or at the very least are not weak to them. If you took Charmander, you’ll do very well against the Magnemites. While Koffings and Arboks will be weak to Psychic and Ground type moves.

Finally, the Silph Co. Pokémon will all range from Lv 26 – 40, so make sure your party is trained up enough.

Many battles are avoidable here, but not all of them. So I also recommend bringing plenty of potions.

Getting Started: The Lift

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The first floor of the Silph Co. Building is a huge open area with a fountain in the middle and an elevator in the back.

Head to this elevator, behind the fountain, and simply walk inside the doors.

Use this elevator to go up to the 5th Floor of the building, where we can get the Card Key.

Finding the Card Key

As soon as you reach the 5th Floor, head left. You may have to fight Scientist Beau here if you’re not very sneaky.

Scientist Beau has the following party:

  • Magneton Lv 26
  • Magnemite Lv 26
  • Koffing Lv 26
  • Weezing Lv 26

Get used to seeing these Pokémon, because they’re a Silph Co. favorite.

After you beat this scientist (or sneak by him), you’ll need to head down, and then right.

There’s a Grunt and a teleport pad blocking our path. But we can get by them with a little trick (click below to play the animated GIF):

Simply take the teleporter, then take it again, back to the 5th floor. Afterwards, head right and pick up the Pokéball on the floor, which will contain the Card Key.

This Rocket Grunt is avoidable, but it can be tricky because he turns a lot. If you end up fighting him, or you’re just blood thirsty, his Pokémon party is just one Arbok at level 33.

Giovanni’s Office

After you have the Card Key, make your way back to the elevator. Then take the elevator the the 3rd floor and head South.

You’ll need to beat a Rocket Grunt here with three Pokémon:

  • Raticate Lv 28
  • Hypno Lv 28
  • Raticate Lv 28

After you defeat this Grunt, you can open the gate on the left. Take the teleport pad on the floor in this room, to the left of the table.

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This teleport pad will transport you to a small room, where your rival will be waiting for you.

I recommend healing before this fight, as it’s not easy.

Your rival will have 5 very strong Pokémon, which I’m sure you remember well at this point in the game:

  • Pidgeot Lv 37
  • Gyarados Lv 35
  • Exeggcute Lv 38
  • Alakazam Lv 35
  • [Starter Pokémon] Lv 40

After you beat your Rival, you want to talk to the man on the left. If you talk to him, he gives you a free Lapras, which will be transferred to your PC if your party is full.

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After you get Lapras, take the bottom teleport Pad and head down. There is a Rocket Grunt guarding the path, which you’ll encounter if you hug the right wall.

This Rocket Grunt is fairly easy, especially compared to our Rival. His Pokémon include:

  • Cubone Lv 32
  • Drowzee Lv 32
  • Marowak Lv 32

Once he’s defeated, simply continue on the path and open up the grey gate to Giovanni’s Office.

Don’t worry, the same Card Key that you used before will work on this gate.

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As soon as you walk in, Giovanni will challenge you to a battle. So make sure that your Pokémon are fully healed.

This battle is not easy since Giovanni has a very strong party with high level Pokémon:

  • Nidorino Lv 37
  • Nidoqueen Lv 41
  • Kangaskhan Lv 35
  • Rhyhorn Lv 37

You’re in luck if you kept that Lapras or started with a Squirtle, because a Water type Pokémon will come in handy here.

Other than a Water type, you may want some Ground type moves and even a Fighting type for the Kangaskhan.

Pokémon FRLG Silph Co. Guide (Full Walkthrough) – FandomSpot (6)

After you’ve beaten Giovanni, talk to the Silph Co. President sitting on the couch. He’ll reward you with the Master Ball for saving him.

After this, you can simply follow the same teleport pads you used before, take the elevator back to the first floor, and enjoy your new Master Ball!

Pokémon FRLG Silph Co. Guide (Full Walkthrough) – FandomSpot (2024)
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