Recognize this? 114 photos of Richmond's restaurant past (2024)

Recognize this? 114 photos of Richmond's restaurant past

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Like many of you, I access news throughout the day via the Richmond Times-Dispatch smartphone app, which provides around-the-clock updates on …

Restaurant patio dining that started during COVID to stay in place

As a result of the confusion, the city responded subduing panic citing that outdoor seating is not going away. As a result of the recent vote to end its COVID-19 health emergency, the city is transitioning its temporary pandemic permits over to permanent permits under already existing policies.

Mom of 6-year-old who shot teacher pleads guilty to using marijuana while having a firearm

The mother of a 6-year-old boy who shot and wounded his teacher in Virginia has pleaded guilty to a federal charge of using marijuana while possessing a firearm.

Richmond council votes to put casino approval back on ballot

The decision comes two years after51% of votersrejected plans for the development. The referendum vote approved Monday will take place in November.

Ready for the Fourth? Plenty of events on tap in Richmond region for holiday

Tuesday marks 247 years since the American colonies severed ties with Great Britain.

Library of Virginia hosts cultural exchange through music

The Library of Virginia‘s Prefunction Hall echoed with vocal harmonies of hymnals, fiddles and salsa music on Saturday afternoon as the librar…

Times-Dispatch postpones community policing forum

The Richmond Times-Dispatch is postponing its planned law enforcement forum, “Three Years After George Floyd: A Conversation About Community P…

Royal Farms to open first Henrico County location

The convenience store chain known for its fried chicken and Western Fries is developing a store at 2401 Mechanicsville Turnpike.

Virginia school funding frames budget debate, but outlook for deal 'pretty grim'

Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., said the timing of a state watchdog agency's report on school funding was "frankly, good" because of its potential to break a political stalemate over revisions to the state's current two-year spending plan.

Commentary: Chef Paul brought fine dining to Richmond, and much more

Richmond had never seen anything like La Petite France, their elegant French restaurant. Soon, Richmonders, including governors (Democrats and Republicans), legislators, mayors, business leaders and the rest of us became regulars. The welcome was always gracious, and we all had our favorite tables.

VCU will not require students to take class on racism

Professors disputed that the university doesn't have enough seats to teach two classes on race and racism. Some worry that politics influenced the decision.

Hanover schools add book guide for librarians but move is criticized by opponents

A new selection source has been added to Hanover Schools with ties to conservative group Moms For Liberty. Librarians use Professional selection sources to vet copious amounts of books for review every year.

Richmond plastic films tech center to close

North Chesterfield-basedplastic films makerTredegar shutting down its Richmond technical center and scaling backproduction.

FBI's memo on Catholics was not just a 'Richmond product,' congressman says

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, said in a letter to the FBI director that the "new information suggests that the FBI’s use of its law enforcement capabilities to intrude on American’s First Amendment rights is more widespread than initially suspected."

Goochland horse farm owner indicted on 13 counts of animal cruelty

Byrd Rareshide, the former Virginia horse show judgeand owner ofThe Byrd’s Nest Farm in Goochland County, was indicted Tuesday on 13 counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty, according to court records.

Commentary: Clean energy is cheaper, so why is Dominion building a gas peaker plant?

Dominion claims it needs to build this plant to keep the lights on during peak demand. Yet, it’s often fossil fuels that become unreliable during times of energy stress.

Royal Farms is now open on Midlothian Turnpike

The convenience store and gas station chain's newest location at 10301 Midlothian Turnpike opened on Monday.

In hot pursuit: How police departments decide when to give chase

The Richmond Times-Dispatch looks at police department policies on high-speed chases.

Virginia Union University welcomes largest class in 8 years

Colleges are closely watching their enrollments as the number of high school graduates is expected to decline.

Commentary: New age discrimination bill represents a giant step forward

Thislegislation seeks to address the challengesfaced by older individuals in the workforce, public services and various aspects of daily life, aiming to protect their rights and celebrate the strength of diversity across all age groups.

Mother of 5 killed when tire hits windshield on I-64

Authorities have released the name of the woman killed when atire came off a car on Interstate 64 and struck her vehicle in York County over the weekend.

Winners of the Library of Va. Literary Awards

Virginia authors Margaret Edds, Bill Glose and Gregory Orr were the top winners at the 26th annual Library of Virginia Literary Awards on Saturday.

Officers were asleep when inmate escaped Henrico County hospital

“The department will learn from these findings to ensure that we are providing the most effective incarceration, which leads to lasting public safety for the commonwealth,” said Virginia Department of Corrections Director Chadwick Dotson.

Will we have a snowy winter in Richmond? Let's look at the data

For the coming winter, it is still early to suggest a specific amount of snow with much skill. However, in spite of a warming climate, there are some good reasons to expect more snow versus the last four winters.

Chesterfield's mixed-use development to bring slew of residential and retail options

The Courthouse Landing development in Chesterfield County is slated to include 250,000 square feet of commercial space, 300 multifamily units and 125 townhomes.

Letter: Hanover needs an elected school board

Yes, there is a need for elected school boards! False information abounds in our lives. Separating the real from the not real, the fake and fi…

Clover Hill candidates locked in tight race for Chesterfield Board of Supervisors

Clover Hill supervisor Chris Winslow trails Jessica Schneider in the three-way to serve on the Chesterfield Board of Supervisors.

Chesterfield school board to welcome at least three new members

All five spots on the Chesterfield County school board were up for grabs during Tuesday's election.

UPDATE: Referendum to change Hanover school board selection process defeated

School board members will continue to be appointed, not elected

Vote in this week's high school football Player of the Week poll

Scroll down to vote in this week's Times-Dispatch high school football Player of the Week poll.

33 years ago, Chevy Chase and Steve Martin film music video in Richmond

In December 1990, the floats were not the only attractions at the annual Ukrops/Jaycees Christmas parade in downtown Richmond. Actors Chevy C…

Byrd Park Pump House gets $100K grant for makeovers

The money comes from the Friends of Pump House, an organization under the umbrella of the Friends of the James River Park, and the Richmond-basedRoller-Bottimore Foundation.

Data breach at UNOS exposes up to 1.2 million patient records

The exposed data was accessible only to authorized users in the organ transplant community and not the general public, UNOS said. The system's security was not hacked by an unauthorized third party, the nonprofit said.

Remembering Richmond-area figures who died in 2023

In 2023 Virginia and the Richmond area said goodbye to bright lights in business and civic life, politics and the arts, as well as storied high school and college coaches.

Henrico County road closed after car strikes utility pole

Henrico County police said Meadow Road near the intersection of Crib Lane was closed as crews worked to repair a utility pole that was broken in a single-vehicle crash.

Candidates set to battle in Southside special election for state Senate seat

RepublicanTammy Brankley Mulchi and DemocratTina Wyatt Younger will appear on Jan. 9's special election ballot forVirginia’s 9th Senate District.

Virginia Office of EMS has not paid bills on time for five years

An office that has misspent $33 million stopped making on-time payments to VCU Health five years ago. But no one in charge seemed to notice.

VMFA's ChinaFest celebrates the Lunar New Year

The celebration is annually one of the VMFA’s largest, with roughly 10,000 attending last year.

GOP senators seek more details on Richmond FBI's 'Catholic memo'

In a letter to the FBI director Christopher Wray, 16 U.S. senators assert that the bureau improperly deleted records related to the memo. The FBI says it is not targeting Catholics.

Everything you need to know about the Lunar New Year Asian Street Food Festival

The city’s first-ever Lunar New Year Asian Street Food Festival on Saturday

Tensions flare over Henrico teacher's Gaza comments

Catherine Massalha, a Henrico County Public Schools teacher, has been reassigned after an investigation found her comments about the Israel-Hamas war violated policy.

Letter: Virginia teachers need support

Drawing from insights gathered from individuals closely involved in education, I understand the profound impact that dedicated teachers have o…

Chesterfield Restaurant Week: 39 participating restaurants and special menus to benefit food bank

Chesterfield’s Sports, Visitation and Entertainment department announced two inaugural spring events – Chesterfield Restaurant Week and Chesterfield Outdoor Fest – as part of the county’s revamped “Experience Chesterfield” program.

Henrico fast-tracks school bus drivers' pay hike to combat staffing issues

Local schools are also competing with Amazon and Uber for drivers.

Is it unjust for utilities to charge families to replace their lead pipes?

A pending federal civil rights complaint highlights the potentially discriminatory nature of utilities requiring customers to share in the cost of replacing privately owned lead service lines.

Sabra Dipping Company churns out new hummus recipe in Chesterfield

Sabra hummus, produced in Chesterfield County, changed its classic recipe, adding more toppings and three new flavors recently.

Virginia-based Dollar Tree to close 1,000 locations

Dollar Tree plans to close about 600 Family Dollar stores in the first half of this year and 370 Family Dollar and 30 Dollar Tree stores over the next several years.

Another Sheetz convenience store is coming to Chesterfield

Sheetz Inc. is building a new gas station and convenience storeat 9420-9500 Midlothian Turnpike in Chesterfield County on 2.66 acres of land purchased for$2.45 million.

Top five weekend events: GardenFest of Lights, Tacky Lights, 'The Nutcracker'

Hooray for the holidays. Richmond is all lit up with plenty events to make your spirits bright.

Top five weekend events: Snowball Festival, Chocolate Fest, and Galentine's Market

Punxsutawney Phil says spring will come early but there is still time for winter fun with the first ever Snowball Festival in Chesterfield.

Recognize this? 114 photos of Richmond's restaurant past (2024)
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