Spend time with local family, in beautiful island setting, Koh Phayam Ranong, Thailand (2024)


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8 Apr 2024

Left by host for Workawayer(Elīza)

Steven and Eliza were very happy and easy going person. We all had lots of fun time with other volunteers and my employees. And they're every good with my animals as well.

(Excellent )

29 Mar 2024

Left by Workawayer (Elīza) for host

I had an amazing experience staying with Chiyoko. She is a hardworking, passionate and welcoming lady with many interesting stories to tell. The working experience was nice, I learned a lot about different aspects of running a restaurant, had a great time laughing with the Burmese employees and chatting with the customers. The accommodation was… read more

(Excellent )

26 Mar 2024

Left by Workawayer () for host

Our experience staying with Chiyoko was an absolute delight! From the moment we arrived we felt very welcome from all of the team. We had so much fun, the work was only 3 hours a day so simple and enjoyable, and a great way to meet the people of the island. We had plenty of time to explore Koh phayam and Chiyoko took us to all the best spots on… read more

(Excellent )

11 Mar 2024

Left by host for Workawayer()

Ashby and David were very friendly, caring and responsible people. And also very patient. Very good with every one of us including dogs and cats. They get any tasks done properly. We all spent a lot of time together after work as well. They're easy going relaxed. We like them so much. We're still talking about them. We all miss them. Hope we can… read more

(Excellent )

We had a wonderful experience with Chiyoko. She is a warm, friendly, and generous host, and has many interesting stories to tell. We worked in her restaurant serving customers alongside her employees for a few hours a day, which was fun and interesting, and got to learn about how she cooks and runs the restaurant. Chiyoko took us out all over the… read more

(Excellent )

25 Feb 2024

Left by Workawayer (sennemarisdams) for host

What a lovely place to have spend my time on Koh Phayam! Chiyoko is a relaxed, loving, caring and optimistic person who knows the island very well, it was a pleasure working with her and the Burmese work force, we had many laughs together and I was lucky someone needed to practice his pizza skills so I had the oppurtunity to eat a lot of delicious… read more

(Excellent )

20 Feb 2024

Left by host for Workawayer(sennemarisdams)

He was helping at the restaurant. Very kind and friendly. Get along well with everybody. Coworkers and customers. And very professional on job. We really liked him. He is funny and makes other people happy. Very present having around with. We spent a lot of times outside the job together having fun.

(Excellent )

27 Jan 2024

Left by Workawayer () for host

Fantastic First Workaway Experience!

We had an incredible time during our first Workaway experience with Chiyoko and her team. They are all so lovely and funny. We loved to work with them. The work as waiters/waitresses was simple yet enjoyable, providing an excellent opportunity to learn and develop new skills.

We had enough free time to… read more

(Excellent )

25 Jan 2024

Left by host for Workawayer()

Mike and Anna were doing excellent work. They're both hard working people, ougoing and happy everyday. Also, quick learners and cooperative. They're good with everyone.
Very present to work with. Love to have them again in the future.

(Excellent )

10 Jan 2024

Left by Workawayer (Lucia) for host

My time was simply excellent.🥰 Chiyoko herself is not only a wise woman but also an amazing chef, crafting dishes that were not just delicious but beautifully presented. You could feel the love she poured into each creation. She's also a true animal lover, always taking care of the cats and dogs that find their way to her place, creating a warm… read more

(Excellent )

16 Dec 2023

Left by Workawayer () for host

Thanks to Chiyoko it was very nice first experience of WorkAway. I spent 1 month in total there.
First part of my stay I was helping Chiyoko with gardening and cleaning before opening of the restaurant, and as a waitress in her restaurant after the start of the season. Chiyoko is very nice and helpful person, not very sociable though. We didn't… read more

(Excellent )

1 Sep 2023

Left by host for Workawayer(Evan)

He was doing excellent work in the hottest season in the year on the island. Getting along with Liam(my employee)very well and working together everyday. Evan always had a positive attitude and been happy with every task. Liam and I were so grateful having Evan. Hope to see you next time.

(Excellent )

21 May 2023

Left by Workawayer (Evan) for host

I had a great time helping Chiyoko on her farm and staying on Koh Phayam! Work was mostly gardening and cleaning, and running to grab supplies from the ferry with Liam her helper who is a young hard worker and funny kid! Chiyoko was incredibly accommodating and kind, showed me around the island, and took us out for a great korean bbq. She has many… read more

(Excellent )

18 Jul 2022

Left by Workawayer (Paul) for host

I stayed for 2 Weeks at her place. Liam one of her workers was really nice. We exchanged a lot about our different cultures and trained his English. He even invited me to a traditional Bermese celebration. The work was hard sometimes but not always, there for I got treated with delicious cake. I although got invited for dinner in an restaurant. I… read more

(Excellent )

27 Feb 2022

Left by host for Workawayer(Linda)

It was a very short time with her. She helped with some IT work, teaching some English to my employees, cleaning the chicken coop in the morning. Which could save more time for me to do other things. The island was very quiet due to covit. Linda was very good with all my employees. They have enjoyed her company very much learning English from her.… read more

(Very good )

18 Feb 2022

Left by Workawayer (Linda) for host

I stayed with Chiyoko for a week. As the restaurant was still quiet due to Covid, I mainly helped her with some IT stuff. Improving the website, more photo's on website, etc. One evening it was more busy in the restaurant and I could help the Burmese boys with serving the customers. Very nice as the costumers love the food Chiyoko makes! Every… read more

(Very good )

5 Feb 2020

Left by Workawayer (Alixandria & Charles) for host

We stayed with Chiyoko for two weeks on Koh Phayam and had a most marvelous time. Working with Chiyoko in her restaurant was enjoyable and she was very fun to be around. Chiyoko knows many people on the island and she makes you feel very welcome during your stay. The island is absolutely beautiful and extremely fun to explore(recommend renting a… read more

(Excellent )

30 Nov 2019

Left by Workawayer (Kevin & Margo) for host

We had a wonderful time on Koh Phayam at Chiyoko's plantation! Our only regret was that we didn't get to stay long enough! We ran into an unrelated snag and had to go back to the mainland.
The week we spent here was amazing and we hope to return.
Her pets are absolute angels, and even though the dogs may not warm up to you quick (they had a hard… read more

(Excellent )

24 Jun 2019

Left by Workawayer (Greta & Deividas) for host

We stayed in Chiyoko's farm for a week and it was amazing. The farm is in a beautiful Koh Phayam island not far from the beach, where Chiyoko lives with four dogs and eight chickens. The farm consists of wast land with diferente kind of fruit trees, cashew trees, rubber plantation and a restaurant which works just during the high season. We helped… read more

(Excellent )

Spend time with local family, in beautiful island setting, Koh Phayam Ranong, Thailand (2024)
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