The Three Best European Matchmaking Services (2024)

The Three Best European Matchmaking Services (1)

Are you tired of swiping left and right on dating apps to find a European match? Have you been looking for a serious relationship, and nothing seems to work out? Maybe it’s time to consider a matchmaking agency.

Matchmaking services have been around for centuries, but with the rise of technology, they have become more accessible and efficient. Choosing the right matchmaking agency can make all the difference in your search for a European partner.

In this post, we have compiled a list of the best European matchmaking agencies with a proven track record of success. So if you’re looking for a match with European women, these agencies can help you find the perfect partner.

Let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer.

The Best European Matchmaking Services

1. Best Matchmaking Service

One of the most popular and best European matchmaking agencies, Best- Matchmaking Service, has been offering high-end matchmaking services for more than 18 years. It is one of the market leaders in the matchmaking industry.

They help you effectively traverse the high-end dating market and European dating culture, discover exceptional potential matches, and restore the enchantment to your love life.

They use award-winning dating experts’ skills and trained staff to guide matchmaking and find the ideal partner.

This exclusive matchmaking service distinguishes itself from other matchmaking companies by ensuring that each matchmaking package is tailored to the requirements of the clients, i.e., personalized services, bringing a personal touch to their professional matchmaking service.

How Does It Work?

Best Match Making has an incredible silver package for matchmaking which includes:

  • Services for six months
  • Introduction to any bride of your choosing personally
  • Unlimited options for matching
  • Professional matchmaking coaching and assistance for two sessions lasting 45 minutes each over Skype
  • Support from personal assistants and matchmakers (daily, during working hours)
  • Your profile will be personally suggested to women in their database, increasing the likelihood of you matching.
  • 5 Skype sessions, each lasting 30 minutes
  • Assistance in obtaining the necessary paperwork for a girl to go to your country (discount of up to 10%)
  • Access to a dating coach who will create an archetype of the woman who would be the best match for you
  • Assistance in preparing paperwork for marriage registration
  • Organization of assured meetings for all potential matches or the exchanging of contact information prior to a face-to-face meeting
  • Exchange of personal contacts with two chosen women (from Belarus, Russia, or Ukraine)

Best Matchmaking is unlike other matchmaking agencies; it has a completely legitimate, effective, customized, and transparent service.

So what makes it so legitimate? The following features:

  • No Pay Per Letter program
  • No 24/7 SCAM chats
  • No SPAM unsolicited letters from ladies
  • 18+ years of matchmaking experience
  • Ladies selection from all over the world

It has received excellent customer ratings and has a whopping high success rate. Every month, they help many men connect and match with partners. They also have locations in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Is it any wonder that Best Matchmaking has reached the top of our list? I think not!

2. VIDA Select (by Scott Valdez)

Since 2009, VIDA Select has been considered an elite dating agency. From the largest database of eligible people from international searches, their team of expert matchmakers has the unique ability to choose your ideal dating companion.

These elite matchmakers also give dating help to increase your confidence and look your best.

Most luxury matchmaking services offer far narrower pools of wonderful gentlemen, frequently resulting in a lack of options and quality compromises. But quality is the watchword of VIDA. VIDA’s approach to matchmaking allows you to choose who you meet in any way you like!

You will only ever meet singles who fulfill all of your “must-have” requirements. Once you’ve seen their thorough profile and images, you’ll have the last say about who remains and who departs.

This art of matchmaking guarantees that no time of yours will ever be lost on a dull blind date.

How Does It Work?

Depending on the degree of service that best meets your needs, VIDA Select provides a variety of membership packages for potential clients to choose from.

Customers have the option of basic, premium, or elite packages. For each month you want to use the service, basic packages begin at just $995, while premium packages begin at $1595. Exceptional alternatives start at only $2395 per month.

The cost of a package is closely connected to how many hours per month you should spend looking for the perfect partner.

There are no multi-month commitments, so you may try it out for yourself before deciding to move further to find more successful matches.

3. Millionaire’s Club (by Patti Stanger)

Patti Stanger, a millionaire matchmaker, launched her exclusive matchmaking business in 2000. If her name seems familiar, the WeTV and Bravo networks will likely be where you have seen her television programs.

Los Angeles is home to the Millionaire’s Club. But she works with linked matchmakers in towns like San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Miami, Las Vegas, and DC nationwide to find the best available compatible partners.

Along with matching, Stanger’s dating business provides additional services. You may buy professional photos, image consultations, relationship counseling, and dating coaches.

How Does It Work?

Thousands of clients can select a package from a variety of membership tiers. The Bronze package costs $45,000, while the Platinum package costs $100,000 or more.

Working with Patti directly increases the cost by $35,000 more. She just has 10 clients on average with whom she solely works.

Each city allows a maximum of five customers per year to purchase “Priority Status” for an extra $30,000. Consequently, you’ll meet the top singles in your region first. The availability of this upgrade is first come, first served.

All packages include two months of hold time, which you can use to freeze your membership temporarily, and 12 months of limitless dating. Refunds are not available through this executive matchmaking service.

You may get an upmarket dating “Mixer Experience” if you don’t want to buy a membership package. That costs $35,000 (plus renting the space, paying for food and beverages, etc.).


Nowadays, elite matchmaking services are an excellent way to find matches worldwide. So if you’re looking for a European match, you should look at some of the best matchmaking services offering them.

It’s your best bet for finding a European match, so pick one from our list and get started!

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The Three Best European Matchmaking Services (2024)


How much does the 3 day rule cost? ›

Three Day Rule prices start at $5,900. Potential clients can choose from these membership options: A minimum of 3 matches guaranteed over the course of 3 months for $5,900. A minimum of 6 matches guaranteed over the course of 6 months for $9,500.

What is the world's number one matchmaking service? › - The World's No. 1 Matchmaking Service. Register Free!

Who is the most famous matchmaker? ›

Patti Stanger
Alma materUniversity of Miami (BFA)
Occupation(s)Businesswoman, television producer and personality, radio hostess
Years active2002–present
Known forThe Millionaire Matchmaker
4 more rows

How much does matchmaker Maria cost? ›

Matchmaking service packages start around $30,000. You'll get a minimum of 6 introductions over 6 months of “active search” time. Packages can range up to $100,000. If you find yourself in a relationship with a match that lasts longer than 6 months, you'll also pay an additional $5k “success fee.”

How does the 3 day rule work? ›

Couples commonly take 3 days apart—hence, the 3-day rule. The 3-day rule gives both parties in the relationship time to think before acting or speaking. During a heated argument, it may be necessary to give one another time and space to collect your thoughts and cool down.

How much is tawkify per month? ›

Basic matchmaking packages start at just $1195 per month, with Premium packages beginning at $1795 per month. Elite service starts at $2595 per month.

What is the most successful matchmaking company? ›

Selective Search has over 150 years of combined Matchmaker experience and has successfully matched over 4,000 couples. Ranked as the best matchmaking service, Selective Search Matchmakers have sophistication and passion, providing them with a remarkable intuition for creating long-term, meaningful relationships.

How much does a matchmaker cost in USA? ›

Breakdown of Typical Matchmaking Fees

As of 2024, matchmaking fees across the industry range from about $3,000 to $50,000. Fees vary widely, reflecting the personalized nature of the service, and these costs can be affected by a number of factors, including: the exclusivity of the service. the duration of the contract.

Which country has best tinder? ›

United States

What matchmaker is popular in all 50 states? ›

19 Matchmaker who's popular in all 50 states? : AMERICA'S CUPID (from “America's Cup”)

Do celebrities use matchmakers? ›

Our high-end matchmaking services are the go-to for many celebrities, supermodels and singles in the spotlight looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right. Kelleher International takes the usual hassles out of dating for its famous clients.

Why did Chelsea leave Millionaire matchmaker? ›

But it was just time for me to grow, for me to kind of become my own person. And there really wasn't any more room for me to grow with her because she is such a big personality." These days, Chelsea has taken her focus off of matching and instead works mainly as a relationship counselor.

Is it worth getting a matchmaker? ›

Matchmaking is an alternative option for those who might not be able to online date or meet people in bars or social settings. And it turns out that matchmaking may actually provide some helpful insight for those looking to enter long-term relationships.

How do I find a reputable matchmaker? ›

8 Tips to Finding the Best Matchmaker Near You
  1. Define Your Goals: Come to a clear understanding of what you really are looking for. ...
  2. Research Local Matchmakers: ...
  3. Credentials and Experience: ...
  4. Personal Compatibility: ...
  5. Client Success Stories: ...
  6. Transparency on Fees: ...
  7. Interview Multiple Elite Matchmakers: ...
  8. Trust Your Instincts:
Dec 6, 2023

Who pays a matchmaker? ›

Matchmakers typically charge clients for their matchmaking services, which can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands for more exclusive and personalized matchmaking.

Is the three-day rule still in business? ›

Three Day rule is still making matches today

As of January 2024, Three Day Rule is very much still in business.

How much do matchmakers charge? ›

Breakdown of Typical Matchmaking Fees

As of 2024, matchmaking fees across the industry range from about $3,000 to $50,000. Fees vary widely, reflecting the personalized nature of the service, and these costs can be affected by a number of factors, including: the exclusivity of the service. the duration of the contract.

What is the 3 date rule? ›

The three-date rule is the concept that, according to Chung, sets a standard of when you should engage sexually with someone. And as the name suggests, it's date number three that the "rule" says you should wait until you have sex. However, we know that sex is not a one-size-fits-all.

What is the give him 3 days rule? ›

Take time apart. Once you've decided to give him 3 days (and you've both agreed on it), take time apart from each other. This means avoiding any form of communication, including texting, calling, or social media. Give each other space to cool off, recollect your emotions, and reflect on the argument.

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