Times of India Display ad rates | Full page-Half page - Back Page Ad cost | Times Of India AD RATES 2024 (2024)

Times of India Display ad rates | Full page-Half page - Back Page Ad cost | Times Of India AD RATES 2024 (1)

Quick booking classified ads at affordable rates in The Times of India.

You can book Times Of India Newspaper ads in lots of categories such as Matrimonial
and Property, Public notice ad , name change ad, Recruitment and Travel, Education and
Obituary, and Personal and Remembrance. You can also find Tenders and Shopping.

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The Times Of India Display Ad Rates

Rates for Display Advertisem*nt w.e.f. 1st April, 2024

All The Ad Rates are in per sq.cm
Editions Front Page Base Rate Back Page Page 3 Any Specified Page Min Size (c.m)
Mumbai Rs. 9665/ -sq.cm. Rs. 5640/ -sq.cm. Rs. 7230/ -sq.cm. Rs. 6850/ -sq.cm. Rs. 6170/ -sq.cm. 4X5
Delhi Rs. 6335/ -sq.cm. Rs. 4120/ -sq.cm. Rs. 5075/ -sq.cm. Rs. 4830/ -sq.cm. Rs. 4460/ -sq.cm. 4X5
Chandigarh Rs. 625/ -sq.cm. Rs. 485/ -sq.cm. Rs. 555/ -sq.cm. Rs. 525/ -sq.cm. Rs. 505/ -sq.cm. 4X5
Jaipur Rs. 665/ -sq.cm. Rs. 475/ -sq.cm. Rs. 545/ -sq.cm. Rs. 525/ -sq.cm. Rs. 500/ -sq.cm. 4X5
Bhopal Rs. 320/ -sq.cm. Rs. 245/ -sq.cm. Rs. 270/ -sq.cm. Rs. 270/ -sq.cm. Rs. 255/ -sq.cm. 4X5
Lucknow Rs. 1285/ -sq.cm. Rs. 915/ -sq.cm. Rs. 1045/ -sq.cm. Rs. 995/ -sq.cm. Rs. 970/ -sq.cm. 4X5
Raipur Rs. 175/ -sq.cm. Rs. 150/ -sq.cm. Rs. 165/ -sq.cm. Rs. 165/ -sq.cm. Rs. 160/ -sq.cm. 4X5
Kanpur Rs. 300/ -sq.cm. Rs. 265/ -sq.cm. Rs. 290/ -sq.cm. Rs. 290/ -sq.cm. Rs. 275/ -sq.cm. 4X5
Allahabad Rs. 160/ -sq.cm. Rs. 140/ -sq.cm. Rs. 155/ -sq.cm. Rs. 155/ -sq.cm. Rs. 150/ -sq.cm. 4X5
Varanasi Rs. 155/ -sq.cm. Rs. 135/ -sq.cm. Rs. 150/ -sq.cm. Rs. 150/ -sq.cm. Rs. 145/ -sq.cm. 4X5
Nashik Rs. 285/ -sq.cm. Rs. 210/ -sq.cm. Rs. 240/ -sq.cm. Rs. 235/ -sq.cm. Rs. 225/ -sq.cm. 4X5
Pune Rs. 3255/ -sq.cm. Rs. 2425/ -sq.cm. Rs. 2805/ -sq.cm. Rs. 2580/ -sq.cm. Rs. 2505/ -sq.cm. 4X5
Aurangabad Rs. 115/ -sq.cm. Rs. 75/ -sq.cm. Rs. 100/ -sq.cm. Rs. 95/ -sq.cm. Rs. 85/ -sq.cm. 4X5
Kolhapur Rs. 150/ -sq.cm. Rs. 110/ -sq.cm. Rs. 140/ -sq.cm. Rs. 140/ -sq.cm. Rs. 125/ -sq.cm. 4X5
Ahemadabad Rs. 1050/ -sq.cm. Rs. 740/ -sq.cm. Rs. 885/ -sq.cm. Rs. 825/ -sq.cm. Rs. 790/ -sq.cm. 4X5
Nagpur Rs. 435/ -sq.cm. Rs. 350/ -sq.cm. Rs. 395/ -sq.cm. Rs. 385/ -sq.cm. Rs. 370/ -sq.cm. 4X5
Goa Rs. 260/ -sq.cm. Rs. 170/ -sq.cm. Rs. 220/ -sq.cm. Rs. 215/ -sq.cm. Rs. 195/ -sq.cm. 4X5
Bangalore Rs. 5815/ -sq.cm. Rs. 3690/ -sq.cm. Rs. 4680/ -sq.cm. Rs. 4410/ -sq.cm. Rs. 4000/ -sq.cm. 4X5
Hubli Rs. 120/ -sq.cm. Rs. 95/ -sq.cm. Rs. 115/ -sq.cm. Rs. 110/ -sq.cm. Rs. 100/ -sq.cm 4X5
Mangalore Rs. 175/ -sq.cm Rs. 135/ -sq.cm Rs. 160/ -sq.cm Rs. 160/ -sq.cm Rs. 145/ -sq.cm 4X5
Mysore Rs. 210/ -sq.cm Rs. 170/ -sq.cm Rs. 195/ -sq.cm Rs. 195/ -sq.cm Rs. 180/ -sq.cm 4X5
Chennai Rs. 2815/ -sq.cm Rs. 1985/ -sq.cm Rs. 2405/ -sq.cm Rs. 2381/ -sq.cm Rs. 2100/ -sq.cm 4X5
Coimbatur Rs. 480/ -sq.cm Rs. 360/ -sq.cm Rs. 440/ -sq.cm Rs. 410/ -sq.cm Rs. 390/ -sq.cm 4X5
Madurai Rs. 225/ -sq.cm Rs. 155/ -sq.cm Rs. 195/ -sq.cm Rs. 195/ -sq.cm Rs. 180/ -sq.cm 4X5
Trichy Rs. 190/ -sq.cm Rs. 125/ -sq.cm Rs. 160/ -sq.cm Rs. 160/ -sq.cm Rs. 145/ -sq.cm 4X5
Kerala Rs. 530/ -sq.cm Rs. 420/ -sq.cm Rs. 485/ -sq.cm Rs. 485/ -sq.cm Rs. 450/ -sq.cm 4X5
Kozhikode Rs. 160/ -sq.cm Rs. 135/ -sq.cm Rs. 150/ -sq.cm Rs. 150/ -sq.cm Rs. 145/ -sq.cm 4X5
Trivandrum Rs. 225/ -sq.cm Rs. 190/ -sq.cm Rs. 215/ -sq.cm Rs. 210/ -sq.cm Rs. 195/ -sq.cm 4X5
Kochi Rs. 345/ -sq.cm Rs. 280/ -sq.cm Rs. 310/ -sq.cm Rs. 315/ -sq.cm Rs. 295/ -sq.cm 4X5
Kolkata Rs. 2435/ -sq.cm Rs. 1835/ -sq.cm Rs. 2105/ -sq.cm Rs. 1920/ -sq.cm Rs. 1900/ -sq.cm 4X5
Patna Rs. 873/ -sq.cm Rs. 748/ -sq.cm Rs. 818/ -sq.cm Rs. 803/ -sq.cm Rs. 793/ -sq.cm 4X5
Bhuvaneshwar Rs. 555/ -sq.cm Rs. 455/ -sq.cm Rs. 505/ -sq.cm Rs. 485/ -sq.cm Rs. 475/ -sq.cm 4X5
Ranchi Rs. 400/ -sq.cm Rs. 350/ -sq.cm Rs. 380/ -sq.cm Rs. 380/ -sq.cm Rs. 365/ -sq.cm 4X5
Guwahati Rs. 225/ -sq.cm Rs. 185/ -sq.cm Rs. 210/ -sq.cm Rs. 205/ -sq.cm Rs. 195/ -sq.cm 4X5

Note:The above tariff may have changed. Please call us and confirm the rates before proceeding.

Times of India Display ad rates | Full page-Half page - Back Page Ad cost | Times Of India AD RATES 2024 (2)

Advertising Agency for all Leading Newspapers & Magazines for all Over India & Abroad

Times Of India Display Advertisem*nt rates in Mumbai from ₹ 5640 sqcm

Times Of India Display Advertisem*nt rates in Delhi from ₹ 4120 sqcm

Times Of India Display Advertisem*nt rates in Bangalore from ₹ 3690 sqcm

Now Times of India Display advertisem*nt @ low rates. Get Special advertisem*nt Package & Discounted rates for Times of India display ads. Get Times of India display Advertisem*nt rates, resonable times of india advertisem*nt rates and details, Book your Times of India display newspaper ads for any category like Matrimonial, Property, Appointment, Obituary, Public Notices etc. Get Best Offer rates for Times of Display, P3, P5, P7, Times of India Quarter Page, Times of India Half Page, Times of India Full Page, Front Page, Back page etc.

Discount on Times of India Advertising :

The Times of India newspaper provides various advertising discounts based on factors such as the volume of ads placed, frequency, and duration of the advertising campaign. Advertisers who book ads for multiple days or weeks, for example, may qualify for a bulk or frequency discount. Similarly, those who book larger ad sizes or choose colour ads may be eligible for discounts. Special rates are also available for specific categories such as education, recruitment, and real estate.

There are diffrent discounts and offer on packages for Times of India Newspaper.

Kindly speak with our assistant on 9821984000for exact Discount available for Times of India Newspaper.

Times of India Advertisem*nt Rate

Times of India Display, Classified, Public Notice Ad rates.

Ads stored in different versions in different cities come with fixed prices based on fonts, alternate fonts, and ad type. The minimum requirement for all versions is 5 characters.Let’s take a closer look at the fees in each city. A 5-character advertisem*nt in Mumbai starts from Rs. 3500, and an additional charge of Rs. Each new row costs Rs 700 for ads in Toi. For classified display ad with minimum size of 3X5, the cost is around Rs. 1250. If we go to Delhi, the cost is slightly higher, and a 5 line ad costing Rs. 5000 and in addition the line spent Rs. 1000. The standard display advertisem*nt in Delhi is Rs. 1400. Bangalore offers an affordable option, with 5-line ads starting from Rs. 2350 and another line of Rs. 588. The advertisem*nt displayed in Bangalore is Rs. 880. Kolkata follows, with 5 line ads worth Rs. 2150 and another line Rs. 430. Advertisem*nt displayed in Kolkata costs Rs. 452. Similar changes in numbers are seen in other cities like Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Chennai, Pune, Goa, Guwahati, Patna-Bihar, Kolhapur, Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Jaipur, Kanpur, Bhopal, Lucknow, Mangalore, Coimbatore, Mysore etc. Advertisers can use this information to plan their campaigns and choose the most appropriate channels for their saved ads in different versions and cities.

Types of Times of India Advertisem*nt

Toi Custom Sized Ads

Are you on the lookout for a way that makes your ad stand out in the Times of India newspaper? Then think about custom sized ads! These brilliant and eye-catching ads can be made-to-order to your specific needs and envisioned to fit any size or shape required. With custom sized ads in the Times of India, you can competently reach a massive audience and make a permanent imprint on readers. The size of the ad, whether it’s a full-pager or a small display ad, custom sized ads can be formed to meet the meticulous needs and marketing ambitions of your business. To learn more about how custom sized ads can support promote your goods or amenities contact the Times of India or a professional advertising agency.

Toi Quarter Page Ad

The quarter page ad may be the best answer for you. This ad is a cost-effective way to get your ad seen by a large audience and it has enough space to show all your products and amenities. The typical dimensions of these ads are 5.25 inches wide by 10.5 inches tall. These ads can be placed in the different segments of the newspaper, including the front page, local news, sports, and entertainment. With the support of a quarter page ad in the Times of India, one can competently promote your brand and entice potential clienteles to your business. To learn more about the advantages of a quarter page ad and how it can help your business grow contact a professional advertising agency or the Times of India today.

Toi Half Page Ad

The Half Page Ad in The Times Of India is a prevalent advertising option for businesses looking to grasp a larger audience with a more prominent visual presence. The dimensions of this ad are 19.5 cm x 25 cm, and it offers plenty of space for pictures and text to endorse your brand, product, or service. One of India's most widely distributed newspapers, The Times of India provides businesses with excellent reach and exposure. We at riyoadvertising.com offer reasonable prices for booking Half Page Ads in the Times of India, with customized design and placement options to meet your particular advertising requirements.

Toi Full Page Ad

A powerful marketing tool that can help your business reach a large audience is a full-page advertisem*nt in the Times of India. The Times of India is one of India's largest newspapers, with over 3.3 million readers. A full-page advertisem*nt gives you plenty of room to promote your product or service. A full-page advertisem*nt in the Times of India can help you achieve your marketing objectives, whether you want to announce a sale, announce the launch of a new product, or establish your brand. At riyoadvertising.com, we can assist you in acquiring a cost-effective full-page advertisem*nt in the Times of India. Contact us right away to begin your advertising campaign!

There are lot of different sizes are available. The Minimum size for Display ads in Times of India are as follows: 4 Cm Width X 5 Cm Height=20 Square Cm, 10 Cm Width X 10 Cm Height=100 Sq cm, 12 Cm Width X 20 Cm height=240 Square Cm (Quarter Page Ad in Times of India ), 25 Cm Width X 16 Cm height=400 Square Cm ( Half Page ad in Times of India ).

Your one-stop shop for all your advertising needs.

Smita Patil

Riyo Advertising managed to publish our Company's Classified Ad in Maharashtra Times and in Global Times. Honestly, we got a good response from the public. They have published our ad in an attractive way and it was reasonably charged too.

Poonam Kalyani

Riyo Advertising gave us the best out of best information. We are into Education Industry. They gave us wide idea about Advertising in Education Category of various Newspaper Publications.We will prefer and recommend them for mass advertisem*nts.

Nikita Rajkhare

The experience of booking and analyzing advertisem*nt online was fantastic. "Your service is the best" I was in a very urgent need to do this and had very little time to spare, and your service saved me. Thank you

Rodgrigues Fernandis

Riyo is an awesome promotional Advertising agency in Mumbai. They are really cool people, great creative work and are helping us in Advertising our Education Institution. We are about to launch it in the next month and we are happy with their assistance.

Ashok Shah

Riyo Advertising bring to the table the thinking and discipline of TV Advertising. We are in tie up with them for publishing our commercial Ad's in all Local TV Channels. Good service to be appreciated.

Abhishek Mulchandani

Paying Riyo Advertising is really worthy. In Mumbai Mirror, we have published our Classified Ad via them and it was a perfect service. We got a good response and we are contented.

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Honestly speaking we are attracted by the discussion with Riyo Advertising. We are having our conversation with them for our Media Ad in Mumbai and Pune.

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Attractive service from Riyo Advertising. For our Official Classified Ad, we published an Advertisem*nt in Times of India and Mumbai Samachar. We are satisfied with their catchy idea and with their charges.

Karthik Balakrishnan

I am really very pleased with the work of Riyo Guys.they are very professional and experienced people. I wanted to do a Press ad, the ad is under development, their approach has been very detailed, costing quite good and the ad is attractive..Very Happy!!!

Suhash Ajmera

Thanks for taking your time on our project. It was good advice to slow down and get it right. The extra time we needed just like you said they would, and the end result is a better advertisem*nt and a better strategy. Thank you very much for slowing things down.

Shaukat Shaikh

We got a good and innovative response from Riyo. We had published Recruitment ad in Time of India. They are very creative, young chaps and designed our Official Ad. Felt highly reasonable with their charges and their service is highly recommended

Kavya Shukla

True professionals from Riyo Advertising they had listened to what we wanted and produced more I had got details about media Advertising they are very responsive and quick getting the details and procedure we needed. Good job from them

Rahul Srinivasan

I released an ad for Renting out my flat. The facility of knowing the cost as and when we type the ad, is a useful feature. I was able to try out different phrases and was able to keep the cost within my budget.

Kailash Junjunwala( Siddhi vinayak Classes )

I had booked my Education institute ad in Mirror.Thank you for everything, the response I got was amazing. Appreciate the support. Keep up the good work.

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Times of India Display ad rates | Full page-Half page - Back Page Ad cost | Times Of India AD RATES 2024 (2024)
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